It's the quality tableware, fresh uniforms or flowers on the front counter - there are many ways a restaurant and cafe can make an impression.

Look around your front-of-house - is the paintwork fresh and unscratched? How about bumps and marks on furniture - can they be removed? A prestige-brand coffee machine tells us you care about the brew that's served, as do quality cups and tableware.

The bathroom is fresh, clean and nicely scented, with a hook for your bag. The open kitchen looks tidy and organised, with cooks in fresh uniforms and the 'messy prep stuff' out of the way. Lighting in the kitchen is bright but not intrusive, and out the front it's just right for the mood you're creating. 

Menus are freshly printed and laminated, and the bar counter is stocked with great products, not junk. Even the phone answering is prompt, helpful and friendly - there are many ways you can stand out from the crowd!