In May 2011, a group of brewers came together to try and achieve what had been talked about by many over the years – a national association for the benefit of the craft brewing industry. Silver Chef's Pubs & Clubs team is getting in on the ground level, along with brewing families, the Pubs and Clubs teams, all from the industry themselves, are proud to support the independent brewers of this great southern land. 

Through the Independent Brewers Association, Silver Chef will work closely to do its part in the big effort to build foundations of a home grown and distinctly Aussie industry. 

By innovating our equipment financing packages to suit the industry,  Silver Chef Pubs & Clubs is working to align with innovation we see in the industry today.  From the Barrier Reef Brewing Co. at the tip in tropical north Queensland all the way down to Devils Brewery at the bottom in Tasmania, the craft brewing industry is spearheading innovation in flavours, packaging and drinking culture too long missing in the big brands as they competed for market share at the expense of proud Aussie beer traditions. The craft industry seeks to bring all that back.

2018 promises to be an adventurous year for mum and dad craft breweries and Silver Chef Pubs & Clubs, also a local home grown company, feels right at home doing what it can, to make many of their dreams come alive.