Sean Kennedy, QLD Sales Manager at Silver Chef sees opportunities every day in club and pub catering. With 20 years experience in your industry, Sean knows better than most, that inefficiency and waste drive up operational costs. To improve efficiency, and lower food and wage costs, here are Sean’s latest recommendations:

1. Self-Polishing Glass Washers - eliminate hours and hours each week drying and polishing glassware. These machines are new technology, and a big hit with pubs. They pay for themselves over and over as you cut staff time at the end of every shift.

2. Cutlery Polishers - another great labour-saving device, reducing the endless hours of drying and polishing knives, forks and spoons. One staff member can do the work of three or four.

3. Speed Ovens - like the little ovens used to toast your roll at Subway. Fast technology that creates quality snacks at any time of the day, without skilled labour - it's a combination of microwave and convection oven. The timer makes sure that nothing is burnt, and most food is ready in 30 seconds.

4. Salad Benches - have the ingredients for salads, sandwiches and pizza within reach on the bench top. No more bending and poking under the bench. These units can easily replace existing bench fridges.

5. Combi Ovens - increase the quality of roasts, function menus and all the food you serve on a busy night. The combination of heat & moisture cooking reduces waste and gives exact control over time and temperature, - preset controls mean almost anyone can use them. Serve the best pork roast in your area, or a special dinner for 200 - easy!

For fast approval to upgrade or replace your kitchen equipment, contact Sean Kennedy in QLD, Matt Johnston in NSW or Mark Carey in Vic, Tas, SA, NT and WA. Our proven Rent Try Buy solution gives you the opportunity to try new equipment and see if it's the right fit for you before committing to purchase. Flexibility that saves you money, reduces risk and cuts waste.

Sean Kennedy Qld - ph. 0459 876007  or [email protected]

Matt Johnston NSW - ph. 0427 020624 or [email protected]

Mark Carey Vic, Tas, SA, NT, WA - ph. 0437 750018  or [email protected]