Met Emma and Sam at the Virgin lounge in Brisbane this week. Both part of a family trio which includes brother and brewer Tom behind the latest home grown cold brew coffee sensation from Byron Bay, the Byron Beverage Co. Sourcing fair trade, 100% premium certified organic coffee, the taste of their cold pressed coffee was rich and surprisingly malt flavoured in texture, not what I expected and I was impressed. 

Much like craft brewing in beer, cold pressed coffee is carving a market in the packaged product channels and sold in specialty stockists, fine food supermarkets and 5 star hotels. 

As a big coffee drinker I was hesitant to embrace cold pressed but I am glad I stopped to try it. A great alternative to the 'coffee milk' drinks I had given up on, excessive dairy being the ingredient that killed it for me, cold pressed is high grade quality coffee without the waist line adding dairy additive.

What impressed me with Byron Beverage Co. was the smart use of their 'Kegerator' unit dispensing their branded Black Nitro from taps. Got me to thinking, perhaps something we will see at the end of a craft brewing bars, a mobile unit at events, the applications are limited only by imagination. The can version too impressed, I can see this being served on airlines around the world before too long. 

Very much a watch this space category in the multi billion dollar coffee industry in Australia but with quality ingredients, very attractive packaging, passionate entrepreneurs at the core, a category sure to find a foothold in the beverage market.

Thank you Emma, Sam and Tom for spending time explaining your business.