When Matt Johnston took over as General Manager of Norah Heads Sports Club in 2016, catering sales were down the gurgler - $3000 pw was barely enough to pay wages, let alone food and utilities. It was time to take back control of the kitchen from the caterers. A revamped kids area in unused space was another quick addition to attract mum and dad diners.

Matt also recognised that pubs have changed, and saw how the local hotels were after all of his customers, especially families and females. They are cashed-up and hungry, watching food and entertainment trends and very quick to make changes. Within 6 months, thanks for a new menu and equipment, Matt's sales were up to a very profitable $14,000 per week, and gaming revenue had doubled.

How did Matt make the turnaround?

Added pizza and got rid of poor quality items - Matt added a new pizza bar and coffee machine, and upgraded the range of drinks at the bar. This attracted new customers and a larger per-head spend from those who visited. And because pizza can be cooked with pre-made bases and simple toppings, no chefs are needed!

Added popular food to the main menu - wraps, nachos, burgers and savoury snacks, quickly heated with a small Speed Oven (like they use for toasting at Subway). This meant that good food could be offered at all hours - no chefs needed, and no more annoying the guests if your kitchen closes at 8pm. For guests ready to spend more, he added quality seafood and good steaks. Staff were now working to capacity so there was very little increase in wage costs.

Cut out the risk of buying the wrong equipment by using Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy option, and kept the rental price down with some Certified Used items. Existing equipment that was under-utilised was moved and worked more efficiently.

New equipment for the turnaround:

  • Coffee Machine - 2 group
  • Pizza Oven - conveyor style
  • Speed Oven - for hot snacks

For fast approval to upgrade or replace your kitchen equipment, contact Matt Johnston in NSW, Sean Kennedy in QLD or Mark Carey in Vic, Tas, SA, NT and WA. Our proven Rent Try Buy solution gives you the opportunity to try new equipment and see if it's the right fit for you before committing to purchase. Flexibility that saves you money, reduces risk and cuts waste.

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