Spent some time out in the field this week with my State Manager for Pubs & Clubs QLD and one of the venues we called on was a suburban golf club in Brisbane's western suburbs. Golf clubs are like Surf clubs, they are clubs borne of a sub culture, in the case of surf clubs it is the nippers to lifesavers culture and the quintessential Aussie beach scene. For golfers, its the sheet love of golf. 

Like all venues however, in this time of increased competition, novel and innovative ideas are being considered by club managers to keep members at the club longer, provide incentive to invite family and friends, attract new and younger members and open new channels. Here are 3  ideas that may be attractive to the corporate and team building channel.


Teams of 4 are each given a soccer ball and from the tee they each take turns kicking the ball toward the green, rules of gold apply, well sort of. The putting action is a soft foot pass toward a square of cardboard with a large circle drawn. 


Teams of 4 each take a turn hitting the golf ball toward the green, rules of golf apply. As each team member lines up take their shot, the other 3 can stand aside and provide advice and encouragement. Better still and in true Aussie tradition, they can stand alongside the other team they are competing against and offer good natured unsolicited advice and quirky one line witty remarks.


An oldie but a goodie. Last hole of the 9th and the 18th. Rather than money, replace prizes with embarrassing things the loser has to do back at the club house (the 19th). Such as, losing team has to get up and sing Karaoke, a Celine Dion classic to add that extra something to the fun. 

Innovation is the new black in clubs and novelties attract a market and the resultant spend at the bar and bistro with the spin off exposure to possible memberships is the goal.