Expanding a coffee roasting business is a capital-intensive exercise.  Once you have reached capacity on a roaster and are ticking along nicely, have a smooth operation and profitability, it becomes almost a choice of doubling down to go to the next level or not growing at all.

The pain points faced are

  • Cost of buying green bean at the right price, in bulk, 12 months in advance
  • Cost of possibly having to move premises and a whole new fit out.
  • Cost of upgrading your packaging and sealing equipment
  • Cost of a new roaster with over a 4 month delivery ETA

This is a massive drain on cash flows and can be an insurmountable hurdle to overcome in order to take the next step in the evolution of a roasting business.

Silver Chef has looked at these road blocks and has designed a product to bridge these gaps – The Silver Chef “Roaster Advantage program” for existing coffee companies.

The product can be used for any equipment required in the production of roasted coffee.  From the roasting equipment to transform green beans to brown; to packaging and distribution.

The Roaster Advantage program is a 4 year finance lease with 6 months of no payments.

Typically buying a new roaster process looks like

  • Deposit of 50% is required to place the order
  • The unit is built in 6 – 8 weeks
  • Remaining 50% is required before shipping from overseas
  • Unit arrives 4 months after your first payment.

Now, using the Roaster Advantage program

  • Silver Chef pays in full for the roaster on order
  • The unit is built in 6-8 weeks
  • Unit is shipped and arrives 4 months after order
  • You still have 2 months before any payments to Silver Chef

If you would like any further information on this product and what equipment you can fund with it, please send an email to [email protected]