Silver Chef Sales Manager Mark Carey visits a lot of pubs, clubs and restaurants - and after a long morning it can be 2pm before he thinks about lunch. Big mistake - so many places have stopped serving. Don't they want his money... and the cash of so many others like him? Why leave this valuable market to McDonalds?

There are many ways you can boost food sales out of normal service hours, using your bar or counter staff. This is a down-time for them too, and with training and clear instructions, they can plate up food and do simple cooking. Here are a few items for your new all-day snack menu, with the equipment to make it happen:

Grab-and-Go Salads and Sandwiches: ready in attractive clear packaging, in an open Display Fridge. Include meat and vego options, with nice thick fillings - four varieties are enough. Even a simple cheese plate can be assembled with packaged wedges (or a tub of hummus) and crackers, but watch the costing on this. See how they do these at a service station, and do better.

Grab-and-Go Desserts - for an add-on sale, make simple chocolate mousse, fruit salad or creamy rice in a clear plastic cup, all lined up and tempting. 

Hot Rolls and Snacks: heat them up in a large Sandwich Press or Turbo Oven - both are great solutions to make hot food crisp and delicious. The sandwich press will flatten food, which is OK for wraps and sandwiches. To heat and serve quiches, pizza, nachos and other higher-priced items, use a Turbo or Speed Oven. They are a combination of microwave and fan-forced oven - no skilled labour needed, just press the pre-set timer button. Not a cheap piece of equipment, but fantastic to lift your menu out of sandwich-land.

Salad on the Side: you actually can make friends with salad, if it's a nice mix with fresh veggies and a squirt of good dressing added when it's served up. Please, no nasty plastic sauce or dressing bubbles! This basic salad can be added to the hot rolls and snacks, and tops up the Grab-and-go bowls if you run out.

Compact Fryers: there's nothing nicer than hot chips or wedges, made to order in an automated counter-top Perfect Fryer. Suitable for between-meal snacks rather than high-demand meal times, when you want a good quality Double Fryer. Most frying is usually low-skill cooking - when it's brown, it's done!

For fast approval to upgrade or replace your kitchen equipment, contact Mark Carey in Vic, Tas, SA, NT and WA, Matt Johnston in NSW or Sean Kennedy in QLD. Our proven Rent Try Buy solution gives you the opportunity to try new equipment and see if it's the right fit for you before committing to purchase. Flexibility that saves you money, reduces risk and cuts waste.

Mark Carey Vic, Tas, SA, NT, WA - ph. 0437 750018  or [email protected]

Matt Johnston NSW - ph. 0427 020624 or [email protected]

Sean Kennedy Qld - ph. 0459 876007  or [email protected]

BONUS TIP from Mark: ditch the microwave! Food is usually overheated and loses its shape - this is not the way to make quality snacks, and won't lead to return traffic...