Commcater recently released downloadable PDF 3 signs your kitchen needs a new deep fryer. 

Maintenance of equipment is critical as food quality is everything. To keep your customers coming back, your food quality needs to be spot on. Knowing when its time to upgrade can be difficult especially if the down time will cost you is lost production, however as Commcater tell us, when maintaining older equipment as best you can is resulting is poor food outcomes, its time. Moreover if maintenance requests are happening too often, the cost of new may end up being a lot cheaper, especially in regional centres where the down time can be double.

Deep fryers especially have a very heavy workload but the same can be said of toasters, combination ovens, stove burners, ice machines and refrigeration. All work endlessly and need to work endlessly, the second part is the cost hit when hanging on to older equipment.

Innovation in heavy use equipment is squarely focused on efficient use of inputs, which in the case of fryers is cooking oil. New technology is coming on to the market every year and filtration advances can save you up to 50% in this cost according to Commcater. Upgrading reduces risk and cuts wasteful expense significantly. 

Being flexible to take advantage of these advances and the large savings is why operating leases or Silver Chef's Rental agreement are very popular. The operating lease allows you to upgrade the equipment at no cost apart and so apart from minor cleaning, this is very attractive. The expense of renting when you do upgrade can result in a saving of up to 40%. That more than outweighs the tax deductable rental payment in some cases by a factor of 5 times! 

Smart finance should be personalised.