I loved finding this reference to the Musso icecream and gelato machines. 

They were a mainstay of desert production at my Caffe Troppo back in the 90's - the very same brand. We'd use a combination of milk (gelato uses milk not cream), flavours, sugar and air to create excellent profits - that's what a machine like this does, creates double the volume by aerating the mixture.

Popular flavours were all types of chocolate eg chocolate & mint, banana (use over-ripe bananas for intense flavour), sambucca, creme caramel (with a slightly burnt-sugar taste) and berry combinations. With berry fruits, add a little citric acid powder to the puree to intensify the flavour. 

Serve in a tall glass with a couple of little umbrellas, and a size big enough to share, with a fruit coulis sauce, or warm chocolate or caramel in a separate jug for pouring.

This is how you convert the dessert-shy into dessert-lovers - they want it, but are more likely to buy if you offer 2 or 3 spoons so everyone can share.

One other positive - these machines seem to be way less expensive than when I bought one back in the 90's, and still made in Italy. See the range at Sydney Commercial Kitchens...

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