We've all had to line up for something we want, whether it's icecream (Gelato Messina), concert tickets, hot chips at a sporting game, or even for the toilet. Generally we'll tolerate a queue when it's moving steadily and the situation is well-managed. Sometimes it signals that this is a high-quality item and worth the wait!

We lose patience when the queue is a sign of bad management - tables uncleared when we could be seated, or inadequate equipment - a 2-group coffee machine that should be 3-group, not enough fryers, or a pizza deck that can't handle demand. It surprises me (as a male) why women aren't more rebellious about the number of times they have to queue for the facilities.

This is a very interesting article that goes through the theory and psychology of queuing, designing the shape of queues, and managing customer reactions. If you have a problem with people waiting, don't assume it's a vote of confidence and they'll be patient forever - look at the situation scientifically so you can move those customers towards the cash register as fast as you can!