Having lived and worked in Shanghai for 5 years, it has been a lot of fun working with Dennis and Jerry to open their new Soul Origin kiosk in Chermside in Queensland. These two Shanghainese Australian business partners are certainly kicking some goals. Sharing Stories about Shanghai and impressing them with the odd comment in Shanghai dialect has been a real laugh and a bit of a reminder of life in one of the most populous urban centres on earth. Now they’re serving fresh subs and salads through their Logan, Indooroopilly, Queens Plaza, Wintergarden and their recently opened Chermside sites. The Soul Origin menu has proven a real hit in the Brisbane fast food space.

With multiple awards, the Soul Origin concept has been a runaway success in Australia. More than 90 sites are now offering us delicious, healthy food. Not a bad effort for just 7 years. Soul Origin have set themselves apart by focusing on their fresh and healthy menu and speed of service. Realising that their customers are not relaxed at lunch until they are sitting down at a table and eating, Soul Origin have refined their concept to get their customers seated as fast as possible.

It is certainly a privilege to be able to assist vibrant entrepreneurs like Dennis and Jerry to achieve their dreams. With 4 sites under their belt, Chermside is destined to be the feather in their cap. 

The combination of Silver Chef’s Rent Try Buy and Advantage offer means that they have effectively taken an option that will see a part of their finance totally flexible with multiple paths to ownership, and part of their finance fixed with low weekly payments and a 6 month payment holiday. If this sort of product mix interests you, please email me at [email protected] or ring me on 0429 980165.