No-one expects a catastrophe - insurance and safety costs are easy to resent. How do they actually lead to more sales? 

The experience of people who've been through a fire or similar disaster is always worth listening to - these aren't salespeople pushing you to spend on an insurance policy. In fact many policies don't cover the total cost of a catastrophe - they may have outdated figures (from when your business was smaller) or exclude important risks that added to the policy cost.

If a disaster happens, you also need to be managing the message  - people are sympathetic, but will take their business elsewhere and may never come back. Re-opening in even a limited capacity keeps your name and reputation alive with fans and regulars. It will take way longer than expected to re-open, with construction, insurance paperwork, regulatory issues and a host of unexpected delays - there's much to consider.

>> Read the excellent article linked below, and listen to the real-life story of an Aussie cafe owner's recovery after a fire.