Need to increase the capacity or speed of your coffee production? Or maybe you're starting a new business and money is tight. A second-hand coffee machine can be a great investment, if you know that it's gone through a proper refurbishment process.

One common issue in older machines is mineral scaling from unfiltered water, but it's not hard to fix. Scale buildup can affect heating stability by insulating heat exchangers and elements, and clogging tubing and valves - this prevents proper brewing and steaming. After descaling, a comprehensive parts check and replacement should also be completed. 

Espresso machine parts that may need replacing include:

  • O-rings, Gaskets and Screens
  • Brew, Inlet, Hot Water, Steam and Expansion Valves
  • Heating Elements
  • Pumps
  • Thermostats
  • Electronic control boards 
  • Group heads and portable filter holders

Don't panic - most machines are reliable for a long time, and given the investment you are making, buying or renting from a reliable supplier will give you peace of mind.

All Silver Chef Certified Used Equipment goes through a 6 Step Refurbishment Process to give you confidence with your purchase. 

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