Apart from the obvious reason — kitchens have stoves and ovens — why are restaurants so prone to catching fire? 

The causes of fire usually come down to three main factors:

Cooking Oil and Grease - in pans and fryers, or grease trapped in exhaust hoods and ductwork, Unless these are cleaned regularly and properly, they're a fireball waiting to happen.

Gas Leaks - when older or neglected equipment can’t support the flow of gas, leaving quantities of gas in the air which explode when ignited. Turning on an electrical device, even a lightbulb, is enough to ignite the leaked gas; a lighter or a match has the same effect.

Electrical Faults - when unsafe wiring, switches, sockets, or plugs project heat onto flammable or combustible materials. Outdated wiring can struggle with voltages used by modern appliances and break down, sparking and potentially leading to fires.

Fire suppression systems like sprinklers, extinguishers and blankets, are an essential part of fire prevention. However they can be easily neglected or inadequate - what's the state of your setup?

Share this important article (link below) with your managers and kitchen team - they all have a part to play in fire prevention. If any of them have been involved in a fire, ask them to share the experience - this helps everyone to take it seriously...